M. Sc. Biochemistry
  • Overview
  • Biochemistry occupies a central position in the broad field of life science, as a discipline it supplies a frame work for understanding biology at a molecular level and offers a spectrum of techniques which are becoming critical for the pursuit of biomedical and agricultural research ,as well as investigations in many areas of chemistry and physics.

    The scope of biochemistry is to understand the functionality of the living tissues, cells and the entire living system. This science deals with the chemistry of life which includes the molecular basis of each and every biochemical processes of microorganisms, plants and animal systems. Therefore opens up the scopes in the field of medical science and research, pharma, forensic science, biochemical engineering, molecular biology, environmental science, as academicians, in the agricultural research and developments, as biochemists and so on. In short eligible for the bright career in most of the branches of life sciences. The Work environment could be the government, private sector, laboratories, hospitals, universities, and other educational and research institutions.  Four semesters of Masters of Science in Biochemistry includes papers like biochemical techniques, molecular biology, advanced enzyme technology, advanced clinical biochemistry etc. Fourth semester includes dissertation wherein student undergoes training for duration of four to five months in any national university, institute, and industries across the country.

  • Dissertation
  • Fourth semester comprises of dissertation, a minor research program to be done in the CSIR, ICAR institutes or industries of Biotechnology. Our collaboration with several research laboratories, institutes and industries have made the ways swifter for the students to accomplish this minor research program. They are supposed to apply at various places by sending the recommendation letter forwarded by the Dean, School of Sciences. Dissertation reports are to be submitted by the students published following the norms and regulations formulated by the school of sciences. Students of our university have received training from institutes of national level like AIIMS Delhi, CDRI Lucknow, National research center on Camel, Bikaner, NDRI ,Karnal, CMAP Lucknow, DRDO Jodhpur, Indian Institute of Oceanography Goa , National Institute of Immunology Delhi, CFTRI Mysore , CCMB Pune, CSWRI Jaipur, BARC Bombay, IARI PUSA Delhi, JNU Delhi, CAZRI Jodhpur, TIFR Mumbai, NCL ,Pune, MSU Baroda.

    After the completion of the dissertation program the student has to submit a thesis of approximately of 100 pages along with the certificate of the institute where He/ She has done the dissertation work.

  • Elective Course

  • Along with the practical training the students also have to do a detailed research on any topic as elective paper. This elective paper is a way of acquiring in depth knowledge of the topic assigned to the student. This makes them efficient in searching the related theory, data, facts and figures. A thesis of approx. 100 pages is to be submitted by the candidate that has weightage of 100 marks The assessment of the fourth semester is done on the basis of thesis and power point presentation given by the candidate and internal assessment on the basis of elective course.

  • In-house research projects

  • School of science has introduced in its curriculum a mini research project of six months. During the third semester every student of PG program has to do research on a topic under the guidance of assigned faculty member. Every student has to study the relevant topic and search various aspects of the topic and work happening on it across the world in order to prepare the review of the topic. This helps him to design his work of plan. Then he/she performs the experiments of the topic to derive the results. This experiment work inculcates in him/her innovativeness, patience, analytical power and sense of observation, besides builds in confidence. This six month research program also sharpens the practical skills of the students so he/ she is well prepared for the dissertation work supposed to be done in fourth semester.

  • Careers
  • This major provides basic preparation for careers in teaching, research and development  and professional careers related to the life sciences.
    Air pollution  specialist
    Analytical Biochemist
    Clinical Laboratory technologist
    Genetic Technician
    Medical Technologist
    Pharmaceutical Salesperson
    Plant Biochemist
    Quality Control Technician
    Research Assistant
    Science Librarian
    Technical writer
    Weights and measures assistance

  • Arena
  • Responsibilities vary widely among the job titles listed above.Those in biocemical research may be involved in the investigation of mechnism of DNA and cell replication, understanding immunological mechnism, mapping and regualtion of eukaryotic genes, protein sequence,biochemistry of hemoglobin, regulation of metabolism in plants and animals,nutritional biochemistry,nucleic acids–protein interaction, structure and functions of membranes.
    Academicians are responcible for research,teaching and some administrative duties.Research ,teaching and some administrative duties,researchers in private industry and government agencies often take on managerial responcibility latter in career.