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Various practical performed in Biochemistry laboratory are:

•Isolation and estimation of protein.
•C and N terminal analysis of peptide.
•Enzymatic estimation of glucose in blood.
•Estimation of Glycogen in liver.
•Determination of acid values of fat and oils.
•Determination of iodine number of fats and oil.
•Extraction and estimation of total lipids from seed.
•Separation and identification of lipid by TLC and 2-D chromatography.
•Extraction of total nucleic acids from plant tissue.
•Estimation of DNA by Diphenylamine method.
•Determination of RNA by Orcinol method.
•Quantitative determination and purity checking of DNA and RNA by Spectrophotometer method.
•Determination of melting temperature, base composition of DNA from thermal denaturation characteristic.
•Quantitative estimation of Sodium, Potassium and Calcium by using Flame Photometer.
•Estimation of ascorbic acid in lemon juice.
•Food analysis by chemical method.
•Study of enzyme kinetics.
•Clinical Biochemistry includes Haematology.
•Serological test.
•Analysis of urine constituents.
•Liver function test.
•Renal function test.

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